You wish to :

  • Get involve in your community
  • Do a one-day internship
  • Discover yourself

 This project is for youth ages 18 to 29 who would like to help their community by being involved in various non-profit organizations in the Memphrémagog region.

  • All year long
  • 2 to 3 volunteer activities per month
  • You may volunteer as often as you want
  • You may receive a gift card $

Being involved in a volunteer project helps youth become responsible citizens who care about their community. It’s a gateway to civic engagement. Volunteer activities may influence a person’s path and give them positive experience within their community. This involvement promotes their integration within the community and fosters a sense of belonging.

In addition to making positive contributions to their community, youth have the opportunity to develop their skills.

Our CJE Squad is already in action and always welcoming new members.

To learn about :

  • How to subscribe
  • Types of volunteer activities
  • Frenquency to actvitities
  • Allowence $


For more information, contact:

SANDRINE HÉBERT, Project Agent and Employment counsellor

819-843-3007, Ext. 229