The partners of Memphré en Mouvement found that parents need services to support their return to work and/or provide opportunities to study adapted to their reality. That’s why this training was created. 



Emphasis is placed on personal development and autonomy. 


The Objective

To enable parents to realize their goals by providing them with the tools to assist their personal, family and professional lives. 


Format of the training

• Part-time sessions

• 3 mornings per week

• Continuous registration

• Small group activities

• Provided free of charge


For parents with children aged 5 and under

• Training allowance of $9 per morning

• Free daycare service provided

• Travel expenses covered


For parents 35 years and under * under certain conditions *

• Training allowance of $9 per morning 


Criteria for admission

• Resident of the MRC Memphrémagog

• 16 years of age or older as of September 30, 2017

• Parent or future parent

• Someone who wants to get back on track

• Available 3 mornings a week

• Official documents required when registering

• For exceptional cases, contact the person in charge of the training.



To register and for more information contact Manon Paradis: 819 843 3007 ext. 225